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Dahlia Preference

Favourite of our garden stylist....

Dahlia Preference is Chantal's favourite because of its beautiful salmon colour and playful flower shape. Find out for yourself why this dahlia is so popular.

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  • Dahlia Preference tubers

The dahlia tubers are packed loose in bags. Each bag contains 1 tuber. Dahlia Fleurel can be ordered from 5 bags. This contains a short planting instructions with care guide. Nice to plant loose or to make your own mixture.

A dahlia tuber grows into a plant 30-50 cm wide and produces several new flowers during the season. The tubers are of the highest quality and come with a 100% flower guarantee.

product information

Favourite of our garden stylist....

Dahlia Preference is Chantal's favourite because of its beautiful salmon colour and playful flower shape. Find out for yourself why this dahlia is so popular.


plants from
plants from April and May
bloom: July until October
location: sun
flower height:
flower height: 100-120 cm

care tips

Everything you need to know about flower bulbs and gardening can be found in our care tips. Download them here



Meet Dahlia 'Preference': The cactus dahlia with character

If you are looking for a flower that is just that little bit different, the Dahlia 'Preference' is your match. This cactus dahlia is a real eye-catcher in any garden. But what makes this dahlia so special?


  • Colour: 'Preference' splashes out with petals in a unique shade of apricot-orange, accented with a hint of yellow at the heart. Truly, you will keep looking at it!
  • Height: With a proud height of about 120 cm, it stands out nicely above most plants and cannot be missed.
  • Flower shape: The pointed, reed-like petals of this cactus dahlia stick out in all directions, creating a dazzling 3D effect.
  • Bloom: From summer to autumn, you're in for a continuous show of flowers.

Planting the dahlia

To plant your Dahlia 'Preference' bulbs, find a sunny spot in your garden where they can enjoy plenty of light. Make a hole in the soil spacious enough for the bulb, but not too deep; a rule is to have two to three times the height of the bulb in soil on top of the bulb. Carefully place the bulb in the soil, cover with soil and give it a good amount of water to start planting.

Care of Dahlia Preference

  • Water: Dahlias love a sip, but not wet feet. So make sure they have good drainage.
  • Nutrition: Give them some flower food now and then, they will keep rewarding you with flowers.
  • Pruning: Blooming flowers? Cut them away and your 'Preference' will create new ones.
  • Winter: Remove the bulbs from the ground before frost and store them in a cool, dry place. This way you can enjoy your 'Preference' every year.

Dahlia 'Preference': A surprising element in any garden

With its striking shape and colour, Dahlia 'Preference' is a perfect choice to give your garden that extra bit of flair. Mix them with other summer flowers for a playful effect or let them steal the show solo in a pot on your balcony or terrace.

And you know what's really awesome? This dahlia also attracts butterflies and bees, making your garden a lively place. Simply order online. Choose a mix of colours[1]  or go for a uniform look? The choice is yours!

Ready for a summer full of flowers?

Order your Dahlia 'Preference' today and take the first step towards a summer full of beautiful flowers. Whether you are a pro or planting flower bulbs for the first time, with these tips and your enthusiasm it is guaranteed to be a success!