Narcissen zijn opvallende voorjaarsbloemen die een betoverend schouwspel vormen in tuinen. Met hun gele, witte en oranje tinten kondigen ze het naderende voorjaar aan en brengen ze een vleugje vreugde en verwondering in de buitenruimte. Als de eerste bloemen van het seizoen symboliseren narcissen nieuw leven en geven ze hoop op een veelbelovend tuinseizoen.

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Ordering flower bulbs is very easy at Bloombol, via the website you can easily choose and order your favorite package or packages. For spring we have diverse and unique flower bulb mixtures with many different types of flowers including:  tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, grape hyacinths, anemones and fritillaria. You can order extra flower bulbs with every package, including: alliums, camassia and snowdrops. We have created packages of summer flowering bulbs. These packages always contains dahlias, but they are supplemented with various other summer flowering bulbs, including: gladioli, lilies, zantedeschias and crocosmia for a complete summer mixture.

give flower bulbs as a gift

Flower bulbs are nice as a treat for yourself, but they are even better to give as a gift! Bloombol is always a surprise. You can buy a mixture in the colour palette of your choice and receive a box full of beautiful flower bulbs, which will flower for three months. The box contains free gardening gloves and there are many other extras in the decorative Bloombol box, just unpacking it is a celebration. We have developed three special mixtures for people who are looking for a gift of flower bulbs. For only 25 euros you have a unique flower bulb gift. Are you looking for an original and cheerful gift? Then order a flower bulb gift from Bloombol!

order perennial flower bulbs

You can order perennial flower bulbs from Bloombol. We have various packages containing perennial flower bulbs including grape hyacinths (muscari), crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, botanical tulips and alliums. These flower bulbs are hardy and do not need to be removed from the ground after flowering. Some of these perennial flower bulbs will also naturalise. The packages with perennial flower bulbs are: Wild Valley, Wild Bunch and Wild Wonder. Unfortunately, we do not have perennial flower bulb packages for the summer season. Each package contains dahlias, which are not usually hardy. You can, however, remove the dahlias from the ground after flowering and save them to plant again the following year.

Where can you order flower bulbs online?
You can easily order flower bulbs online at Bloombol. In the autumn, you should plant the spring bulbs such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. That is the reason that you can only order these bulbs from September to December. We always ship within two working days, this way you will quickly receive a package full of colour to your home. After this period, spring flowering bulbs can be ordered directly, as a pre-order for the following year.
We also have a selection of summer bulb packages which includes dahlias, gladioli and lilies. You plant summer flowering bulbs in the spring, these are only available for sale, from March to May. summer bulbs are also available for pre-order the rest of the year.
Which types of flower bulbs can I order online?

You can order different varieties of flower bulbs online, including: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, alliums and many more. Some of the packages contain naturalizing bulbs. The varieties described per package in the webshop.

Can I order flower bulbs as a gift?

Flower bulbs are a fun and original gift idea. The Bloombol boxes are decoratively packaged and come in different colour palettes. We also have special XS gift packages including ' Pink Surprise ', ' Purple Present ' and ' Party Perfect '. These are for sale from 25 euros. If you think of a flower bulb gift, think of Bloombol.

Where can I order summer bulbs?

You can easily order summer flowering bulbs at Bloombol. We offer bulbs/corms of dahlias, gladioli, lilies and many more in our packages. You plant the summer flowering bulbs in the spring, after which you can enjoy the most beautiful flowers all summer and into the autumn.

Are there flower bulbs that are perennial?

There are flower bulbs that are perennial, grape hyacinths (muscari), crocuses, snowdrops, some daffodils, botanical tulips and alliums are perennial. These bulbs can remain in the ground over the winter, after which they will come up again the following year. You do have to remove most tulips from the ground in the summer, as they only bloom for one year. The flowering information can always be found on the packaging.