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Get to know Bloombol, the story of the grower, garden designer and stylist.

The world is moving and changing. From fast technology to urbanization. Large gardens are becoming scarce, a green balcony is an emerging trend. And we keep running in our 24-hour society. We want 'everything' and 'the best'. And everything should be easy, because time is precious. And it is precisely because of this everyday bustle that we need peace and nature, so that we can recharge. A little garden luck can help with that. Whether you're in a large garden or on a balcony. And with this fact begins the story of Bloombol.


Bringing nature into your home and making you happier and healthier

That is Bloombol's mission. Because being busy with nature ensures relaxation and attention for yourself. Because it can be quite a challenge to put together bulb mixtures, Bloombol takes care of this. As a result, the varieties are well attuned to each other and have a long flowering time. This way the time investment is less, you do not have to worry about making choices and you have more time to enjoy the feast of flowers in your garden or on your balcony.


Flower bulbs mixed for your garden happiness, by grower, garden designer and stylist

Bloombol is a group of professional friends. We only want to go for the very best. That sets us apart. Our specially formulated flower bulb mixtures ensure flowering with lots of colour for at least 3 months. The flowering times and heights are perfectly matched, with a 100 percent flowering guaranteed. Quality, that's what we go for. The very best quality of course. With attention to detail, originality and durability. How? Meet the grower, garden designer and stylist. We are the team for garden happiness.




"The happy reactions and that 'wow feeling' from customers when the Bloombol package is in bloom, that gives me energy."


"The most beautiful time of the year is when the flowers on the land bloom and the region takes on colour again"


Garden designer
“I wish everyone a life full of color. Together with Bloombol, we transform gardens into a cheerful sea of flowers.”

Chantal, stylist

Chantal is our stylist and actually the creative force of Bloombol. What do people think is beautiful, what colours are on trend in the house (this often extends to the garden) and what trends are playing out are questions that keep her busy. She is also the daughter of a flower grower and has experience as a marketer, communications specialist and florist. At Bloombol, Chantal often works behind the scenes. From putting together the mixtures to developing and maintaining the website, writing blogs, creating content and social media.

Peter, the grower

Peter, our grower, was born and raised in the horticultural trade. His family has been cultivating the most beautiful flower bulbs for generations. He drives his tractor on various farmlands in the bulb-growing region to see if the crop is in good shape. Peter plants flower bulbs mechanically. After flowering, the bulbs are removed from the ground and then sold. Peter is our rock when it comes to the best quality bulbs. He looks at a large size and optimal health of the bulbs. He knows what the best varieties are for the longest flowering time and the brightest colours.

Renee, garden designer

Renee is our garden designer. As a child she grew up in the Bollenstreek, as the daughter of a flower grower. Around the age of twenty she moved to Rotterdam and worked for years as a set designer, but the blood creeps where it can't go. She missed the living material, 10 years ago, she exchanged decor design for garden design. Because of this background experience, her gardens are unique, creative and playful: exactly what we need to create unique Bloombol mixtures.

Colour your garden too,
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